SEO / SEM / Online Marketing

As a quick overview,

(a) SEO = Search Engine Optimisation: Designing your website to be favorable to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, by having domains, website addresses, and website code easily processed by the search engines and allocated to appropriate search results when entered by any web user.

(b) SEM = Search Engine Marketing: This involves effectively paying the search engines to appear in search results that are favorable to your website or products.

(c) Online Marketing: This is the method of using other websites which ideally have high traffic, to buy a piece of their website’s real estate (ie. a piece of their webpage) to advertise your own website and have a link to click automatically through to your website.

Clearly, SEO involves a high level of understanding of all things internet, including how the search engines process website information. This can therefore be a tedious hit and miss approach. On the otherhand SEM is the most guaranteed result, but as a result more expensive in practice. Online Marketing is the modern form of distributing flyers to every letterbox. For online marketing to be effective, the advert must immediately catch your eye. For example, when you get a flyer in the letterbox, it takes a couple of seconds to throw it out, even if of value to you.

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